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Accessible Visit

Do you know the project for accessible visits offered by the museum?

Visit Accessible: Accessibility Project

Mockup tactile Casa de Portinari Museum

Mockup tactile Casa de Portinari Museum

Casa de Portinari Museum began its accessibility work for special visitors in the early 1980’s, when the institution started receiving visits from patients from the psychiatric hospital in Brodowski, students from municipal and state-school “special classes”, children from the Apaes (Association of Parents and Friends of the Challenged) in the region, the special education school Egidyo Pedreschi and patients from the Psychiatric and Chemical Dependent Clinic of the Hospital das Clínicas de Ribeirão Preto, besides elderly groups and other similar institutions.

In 2006, through the Education Program for Special Publics (Pepe) from the State Pinacotheca, with Visa Brazil’s support, Casa de Portinari Museum intensified its accessibility actions.

Among the museum’s accessibility materials destined to the physically or mentally-challenged, deaf or blind public are the following resources:


The artist’s room

  1. Monitored visits;
  2. Adapted accesses;
  3. Identified parking spaces for the physically challenged at Praça Candido Portinari, in front of the museum (we do not have our own parking lot);
  4. Wheel chairs, walkers and canes;
  5. Informative texts in ink and braille;
  6. Audio guide and DVD* in sign language with a presentation of the museum for the deaf;
  7. Tactile mockup with the museum architecture;
  8. Tactile replicas of two and three-dimensional works;
  9. Tactile replicas of furniture and environments;
  10. Games, puzzles and details of the works.

* The DVD in sign language was made in a partnership with the Ribeirão Preto Deaf Association and enables great autonomy of the deaf during their visit.



Material adapted for the deaf