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Superzoom Gallery

Superzoom Gallery: get to know and admire the works that compose the Casa de Portinari Museum collection with rich details through interactive images in superzoom. Take advantage of this additional technological innovation the museum offers to the public aiming at making the artist’s work more known and accessible.

How to use the Superzoom Gallery

A. Viewing Panel

In the representation of the viewing panel (to the side), there are three areas highlighted in red. These are the main navigation and control devices of the panel.

galeria-superzoom-acervo-museu-casa de portinari

1. Navigator

The navigator has two functions:

If you want a smoother transition, click and drag the mouse.

2. List of Works

On the menu, you can select the images by the title of the work

3. Toolbar

On the control panel, click any miniature to load the corresponding image. To “roll” the images, put the mouse closer to the extremities (right or left). On the bottom there is a toolbar with several buttons you can use to control zooming in/out, make directional movements, etc.

B. Basic Commands

You can also use basic commands to view the images.







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