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Relations with the community

See the community-relations projects offered by Casa de Portinari Museum.

Community-relations projects

domingo-com-arte-relacoes-com-a-comunidadeSunday with Art

Every second Sunday of each month, Casa de Portinari Museum’s esplanade is transformed into an open space for the exchange and dissemination of the arts and culture during the “Sunday with Art” programming. The action is directed to people that seek a cultural and familial-leisure option on Sundays. Regional visual artists produce and expose their works interacting directly with the public and musicians that perform producing a relaxing and cozy environment for those that attend.

For the artists, the activity is also a chance for the people to know their work, besides the opportunity to physically come close of the works produced by one of the Brazilian artists with the greatest national and international distinction, Candido Portinari. The admittance is free of charge and the activity always happens from 9 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm at Candido Portinari Square.


Avatar_FériasnoMuseu_MCP_175x175pxHolidays at the Museum

In January and July, fun is certain at the Casa de Portinari Museum for children who look forward to the arrival of school holidays. To celebrate that, the institution holds the traditional program “Holidays at the Museum”, with games on the streets, recreation with old toys and cultural and artistic workshops at the esplanade of the museum, the admittance is free.



oficina-feriasMobile Workshops

The project “Mobile Workshops” proposes taking art, culture and leisure to Brodowski neighborhoods. The action outside the museum walls gives an opportunity for the community – especially children and youngsters – to participate in painting, origami, handicraft, popular games and music activities.

Contemplating the institution’s mission, which seeks broadening and consolidating its role by developing social-inclusion actions, the activity is intended to bring the people from Candido Portinari’s artistic, political and social legacy closer. Offered free of charge, the activity is held from 9 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm.


curso-pintura-infantil Kid’s Painting Course

Developed annually by Casa de Portinari Museum, the “Kid’s Painting Course” is directed to kids from 8 to 12 and counts on the partnership of the schools and social-assistance associations in the city. The activity aims at contributing to theoretical and technical development, inserting art as a transformation element in each participant’s life and enabling the discovery of new young talents as well.

The classes are given by the visual artist Antônio Ailton Rufato. In all editions, the students are divided into two groups, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.


semana-portinariPortinari Week

In August, Casa de Portinari Museum promotes the Portinari Week in a partnership with City Hall. With the intent of celebrating Brodowski’s anniversary (8/22) and paying a tribute to one of the greatest national painters, Candido Portinari, the event offers several cultural activities free of charge. Among the highlights are the cultural workshops, collective visual arts exhibits, parades, theater, artistic performances and the “Mural Painting” project.

During the Portinari Week programming, there also is the Piazza Della Nonna, a typical Italian party inspired by the culture of the first immigrants to establish themselves in the city. The event counts on gastronomy, music and a tribute to the traditional families. The typical food stands are organized by charity associations in the city.


avatar_expvircol_mcpCollective Visual Art Exhibit

The public of Portinari Week have the opportunity of checking different painting, drawing, sculpture and installations techniques, performed by artists from all over Brazil. During the exhibition, artists present their work in an inspiring and enriching environment.



avatar_pinturamural_mcpMural Painting

Yearly, during Portinari Week, the Museum organises the traditional Mural Painting, making Brodowski an outdoor atelier. For that, artists from the entire region are invited to illustrate the walls of the city. Many places have already worked as canvas such as schools, cemetery and local institutions.



avatar_familialegal_mcpCool Family

At the weekends, the families that visit the Casa de Portinari Museum take part in special actions. After the route, educators propose then to develop actions such as quizzes, puzzles, memory games, among other activities that complete the route and amuse the family. Before leaving, they receive the Cool Family certificate.



avatar_gostososer_mcpIt is nice to be a Child at the Museum

To celebrate Children’s Day, the Museum organises the special event “It is nice to be a Child at the Museum”. There are toy workshops, old games, which were portrayed several times by Portinari on their plastic and poetic works, which enchant children but also their companions, who end up interacting and making a harmonious environment, bringing the different generations closer.

juntando-memoriasGathering Memories

Launched during the 37th Portinari Week (2012), the “Gathering Memories” project proposal is for the Brodowski population, the museum visitors and the participants of the activities held by the cultural institution to contribute with pictures, documents and memoirs of old Portinari Week editions and other projects related to the museum. One of the objectives is also for the public to send information that helps identify facts and people that appear in the files posted on the project site. See the entire initiative accessing www.juntandomemorias.org.br


acoes-socioeducativasSocial-educational and cultural actions

Intending to come even closer to the community of Brodowski, Casa de Portinari Museum performs actions directed to different audiences. In 2013, joining efforts with the District Attorney, associations and clubs in the city, the museum will offer talks, courses and workshops directed to adults, youngsters and children in a social-vulnerability situation.


semana-de-museusMuseum Week

Every year in May, Casa de Portinari Museum performs special actions that integrate the Museum Week programming. Promoted by Ibram (Brazilian Museum Institute), the annual agenda proposes a theme to execute different activities at cultural institutions, especially those related to museums, to celebrate the International Museum Day (18/5).



primavera-de-museusMuseum Spring

With the arrival of spring, museums and cultural institutions are invited by Ibram (Brazilian Museum Institute) to offer a special program, with the objective of stimulating museums and the community to participate in a debate about current affairs, stimulate the visitation to museums and bring society closer to the museums.



semana-consciencia-negraBlack Awareness

To celebrate the Black Awareness Day (20/11), Casa de Portinari Museum offers a special program to approach the importance and influence of the black people in the formation of Brazilian society and culture. The date marks the death of Zumbi, the black leader that fought for the freedom of the slaves.


Avatar_PelosCaminhos_MCPTrip through Portinari’s paths

Since the beginning of 2016, students from the public study web from Brodowski have had a subject at school dedicated to Portinari. The project “Trip through Portinari’s paths” is a curricular complement according to the Brazilian Federal Constitution, the National Education Plan and the Article 26 of the Law n. 9.394/95 – LDB – Law for Guidelines and Bases.



 Avatar_RedeProtetiva_MCPProtective Web

The museum takes part into a Protective Web, an initiative of the Public Ministry from Brodowski with the society. Many activities are promoted, such as courses and workshops turned to the population that is in a situation of social vulnerability.



Avatar_ArteSalva_MCPPartnership with Funap

The Museum partnered with “Prof. Dr. Manoel Pedro Pimentel” Foundation, to promote artistic and inclusive activities to the prisoners of the Jardinópolis Progress Penitentiary – CPP. Funap has been established for more than 30 years and is linked to the State Secretariat of Administration of Penitentiaries and has as main goal to contribute for the social inclusion of prisoners and those who have already left the unit.