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Rules and Instructions

Please read the rules and instructions for visits to Casa de Portinari Museum.

So everyone may enjoy the visit, the following rules and instructions should be followed:

  1. During the visit you must use an identification sticker.
  2. The museum offers bilingual/trilingual communicational accessibility to the exhibitions and has bilingual/trilingual educators
  3. The elderly, disabled people, pregnant women and people holding babies have preferential access.
  4. Children under 10 must be accompanied by their parents and/or those responsible for them.
  5. It is not allowed to drink, eat or chew gum and candy in the museum. There are drinking-water fountains outside.
  6. It is allowed to take pictures without flash inside the museum, only for private use.
  7. It is not allowed entering the museum with animals, except guide dogs.
  8. It is not allowed to smoke in the museum.
  9. It is advisable to avoid using the cell phone during the visit.
  10. The internal capacity of the museum is of 20 people per group. When this limit is reached, the employees will control the entrance of new visitors to avoid exceeding the capacity and ensure everyone’s safety.
  11. Parking: in the vicinity of Praça Candido Portinari (in front of the museum), including on weekends and holidays.
  12. The museum has a cycling park and cloakroom

Group Visits

Since Casa de Portinari Museum has been developed in the house that belonged to the painter’s family, its rooms are small, and for security reasons and to make the most of the visit, is not allowed to exceed the capacity. Thus, in the event you want to bring a group with more than 12 people to the museum, it is important to follow the instructions below:


  1. Children should come identified with a nametag containing his/her name and contact information of the institution he/she belongs to;
  2. Backpacks, bags and snacks should preferably be kept in the bus for the group’s greater comfort and safety or in the cloakroom offered by the museum;
  3. The visiting institutions should assign two adult accompanying parties for every 20-people group. The accompanying parties must stay with the group keeping it together from the beginning to the end of the visit, being responsible for their behavior and conduct inside the museum;
  4. Each group must have no more than 20 people and enter the museum following the orientations of the museum staff;
  5. Inside the museum, actions like running, dispersing from the group, using a cell phone and talking loud are considered inadequate behaviors. The institution’s director asks for both scheduled visiting groups and those responsible for them (cultural tourism guides, educators, teachers, among others) to comply with these requests.