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Chronology: Know the trajectory, challenges and achievements of one of the greatest Brazilian painters of all times and the main phases in his life and career. Click the title or the images of each period to read it in full.

Chronology: Candido Portinari


From 1903 to 1918

“I was born in a coffee farm. My parents worked the soil… They moved from Santa Rosa Farm to the Brodowski station – where there was no settlement; I must have been 2 years old.”


De-1922-a-1929From 1922 to 1929

Participates in the National Fine Arts School Exhibit (RJ) in his first trip to Europe.



De-1930-a-1934From 1930 to 1934

In Europe, Portinari goes to the museums daily, discovers the Paris School modern painting, discusses art at the cafés and almost has no time to paint. He meets Maria Martinelli, who he married.



De-1935-a-1939From 1935 to 1939

Back in Brazil, he teaches mural and easel painting at the University of Rio de Janeiro. He participates in the International Carnegie Institute exhibit (USA). Performs his first mural, works for the Ministry of Education, New York World Fair. His only son is born, João Cândido…


De-1940-a-1945From 1940 to 1945

Latin-American Art Exhibit at the Riverside Museum (New York). Success in Detroit and the MOMA, New York. The University of Chicago publishes the first book on Portinari. He starts painting the “Nonna Chapel”…



De-1946-a-1949From 1946 to 1949

Exhibits at the Charpentier Gallery, Paris. Candidate to senator in São Paulo by the Communist Party. Individual exhibit in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Montevideo (Uruguay). Paints the Mural “Tiradentes”.



De-1950-a-1957From 1950 to 1957

XXV Venice Biennial (Italy). Peace Gold Medal of the Peace Supporters World Congress in Warsaw (Poland). 1st São Paulo Biennial. Modern Art Museum in Rio. Starts the spectacular “Guerra e Paz” (War and Peace) for the UN headquarters in New York. “I am prohibited to Live,” he protests, advised by his doctors not to paint temporarily due to his paint intoxication…


De-1958-a-1962From 1958 to 1962

Exhibits at Del Libraio Gallery in Bologna (Italy), and the Wildenstein Gallery in New York (US), besides Lima (Peru), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Czechoslovakia, São Paulo and Rio. In Moscow, he exhibits images of his works. Participates in the 1st Mexico Biennial and São Paulo Biennial and is a guest juror in the 2nd Mexico Biennial. Wins the Gold Star in Brussels (Belgium). His father passes away in Rio de Janeiro and his marriage ends. His granddaughter Denise is born. He illustrates several foreign books. Travels to Europe for the last time. Portinari passes away…


Cronologia-Após-1962Timeline after 1962

Portinari’s legacy: exhibit at Palazzo Reale, Milan (Italy). Publication of his poetry book. His residence in Brodowski becomes “Museu Casa de Portinari” (Casa de Portinari Museum). Exhibits and shows performed in Brazil and abroad celebrating his work. His son João Candido creates the Portinari Project. Celebration of the 50 years of the panels “Guerra e Paz” (Peace and War) at the UN (New York), and the 40 years of Casa de Portinari Museum in Brodowski.